mardi 24 janvier 2012

a touch of pink...

sometimes that's all you need to brighten up the day!

Holga, summer 2011, Laval.

Love Cliché

One of my art teachers once said (talking about how no other teacher wanted to give the course on surrealism): "Just because something is popular in the general public doesn't mean it's "easy" or "empty". It may actually stimulate something in the collective unconscious and reveal important data about the times." (I quote from memory, of course I may have twisted her exact idea, but anyway this is what I made of it, and thus this is what's important for this story). This made me think a lot. About how art circles can be snob, but more importantly it reminded me of the importance of keeping an open mind at all times. Sometimes I take pictures and think "pfff! cliché! it's been done 10 000 times before." Then I think: "But if it speaks to me, there may be something deeper here - that connects me to others. And then I think: "There are 10 000 ways to tell a tale, and none is exactly the same, thus maybe they are all worthy..." It's not always easy to fight self-censorship!

samedi 7 janvier 2012


impossible de fixer son image
toujours elle se dérobe à l'objectif
indéfinissable, insaisissable,
perdue dans ses réflections
toujours ma mère se dérobe
à mon attention

jeux de mirroir,
j'ai, sans le savoir,
redoublé cette barrière;
surface froide, argentée, rigide
et pourtant si mince

je pose mes mains sur la glace,
je crée un juda avec mon souffle
l'espace s'embrase un instant
mise au point complice
de nos vies